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I'd be happy to include other owner's contact information* and Maxim-X photos as long as they're pretty good and look like they'd contribute to this site. Feel free to send me your pictures by e-mail. If you also provide some details about what's in the pictures and your name, I'll be able to include captions and credits.

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Harald Pfeiffer
Waterdown, Ontario, CAN
Maximum Maxim-X Webmaster

This picture of me & my 750 Maxim-X was taken in my driveway in May 2003, 8 months after buying the bike. As difficult as it is to believe that someone would sell their "X", it seems I'm the 4th owner... & very likely the last.

When I bought the bike in Sep 2002, there were 12800km on the odometer after 16 years (about 800km/yr). Now, a little more than 4½yrs later, there are nearly 71000km on the odometer (about 12500km/yr). Judging by the usage, I'd say the right guy owns the bike now.

It's impossible to see in the photograph but this Maxim-X is both blue & black. A previous owner had it repainted but didn't settle for factory original. It's a custom paint job that fades from black at the bottom to blue on top. Depending on the angle of the sun, you'd swear it was all black or all blue. It's very unique.

Sabin Lemieux
Lanaudière, Quebec, CAN

This picture of Sabin and his 1985 Yamaha 750 Maxim-X was taken outside his home near Montreal on July 7, 2004.

Sabin recently bought his burgundy 750 Maxim-X, with 59000km on the odometer.
Patrick Michielsen
's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

This picture of Patrick and his 1985 Yamaha 750 Maxim-X was taken from his web site after he contacted me by e-mail.

Unfortunately, my Dutch is a little rusty (non-existent) so I wasn't able to learn anything new from his Dutch web site.

Patrick has promised to provide a few more pictures - hopefully with some information that can be posted here.
Dave Harris
Rochford, Essex, England

This is a picture of Dave and his prized 1985 Yamaha 700 Maxim-X, affectionately named "Madame X".

Dave has owned Madame X since 1999 and custom painted it himself to achieve this unique blue colour... although I'm told that the picture doesn't do justice to the true colour.
Freeman Arsenault
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

This is a picture of Freeman's new bike. "She's" a burgundy 1985 Yamaha 750 Maxim-X, still with the original paint.

Like all Maxim-X owners before him, Freeman has discovered that this bike is "the most effortless to cruise on" and has "power and spirit" to spare.
André Vandeville
Waudrez, Belgium

This is a picture of André and his 1986 Yamaha 700 Maxim-X (which for him is registered in 1987 when the Maxim-X was no longer being produced).

In his own words, the Maxim-X is "Fantastic! handy, comfortable & puissant (powerful)". Apparently the bike was imported from the USA to Belgium and is all-original with only 16000 miles on the odometer. I think the exuberant smile on his face says it all.

André has provided some great on-line pictures of his "super moto".
Pierre Michot
Brussels, Belgium (right)

On the right is Pierre (nickname Zgun) next to his friend, Sigur. Together with their friend André (aka Sylver), all three ride a 700 Maxim-X in a group called "The Flying Customs". It's not clear where the group got its name but Pierre speculates "it's perhaps due to the incredible power and speed of our Maxim-X's compared to other customs...".

I can't say I disagree with Pierre - the Maxim-X really does FLY... although across the pond in North America their group would probably have been called "The Flying Cruisers".

Pierre bought his Maxim-X in almost perfect condition for $2500 in 2002 and with only 22000 miles on the odometer. Like a true biker, in three seasons, he's driven over 18000 miles.
Marcel Guimond
Montréal, Quebec, CAN

This is a picture of Marcel and his son Diego aboard Marcel's prized 750 Maxim-X. He shares my sentiments when he says he wouldn't trade his 750 Maxim-X for anything in the world, even after comparing it to what's available today as seen at the 2005 Montréal Bike Show.

Marcel calls his Maxim-X the "V-Max's little brother" and he's definitely not wrong because they have essentially the same Power:Weight ratio. Even after 52000km, he says his bike runs like new. In his own words, "It is fast, light, and beats most 2004 900cc bikes", including his friends 2004 Triumph 900cc Thunderbird Sport. After riding Marcel's Maxim-X, the owner of the Triumph was reportedly disappointed with his purchase.
Glen Armstrong
Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN

This is a picture of Glen's 750 Maxim-X - a customized restoration in progress with only 24000km on the odometer when he bought it. Glen liberated it from a farmer who let it rot in his barn for three years after the previous owner dumped it and got cold feet. His loss is definitely Glen's gain.

Glen used some VMax cues when he had the seat redone and when he boldly had the bike painted VMax yellow. He has already restored a lot on his X but plans to do a lot more to resurect it, including and engine rebuild over the winter of 2006.

To quote Glen - "Man, what a bike!"... there's no arguing that, Glen.
Thomas Stagno
Windsor, Ontario, CAN

With 39000km on the odometer, Thomas bought his 1985 750 Maxim-X in August 2000 straight from a dealer for a respectable CAD$2900+Tx. It was apparently a little rough around the edges at first but with some work and fresh paint, he resurrected this burgundy beauty which he called Mistress-X.

Tom once characterized his Maxim-X as "...much better than any bike I ever owned" and wondered whether other XJ owners were "as nuts about their bikes" as he was about his. That qualified Tom as an indisputable Maxim-X owner.

Tom isn't with us anymore but I decided to keep his X listed in his honour. May he rest in peace.
Gerry Walsh
Newfoundland, CAN

Gerry bought this nearly mint 1985 750 Maxim-X from a friend with 47000km on it in 2005.

Newfoundland has a short riding season & only allows him to put on 4000km/yr but that leaves Gerry time to work on his bike. As you can see, he proudly proclaims that his bike is an "X" with a non-stock decal on the side covers. I've often thought about doing something similar.

Like other X owners, Gerry isn't unaware of it's unique power. In his words: "I love this bike and like to surprise the sport bikes as they try to pass on the highway. Usually results in the same conversation down the highway, 'What is that? Haven't seen too many of those'... as Gerry grins, I'm sure. "

Gerry's X is the only one I've seen with trim on the tank and side covers.
Hans van Griensven
Braband, Netherlands

I can't believe Hans owns two nearly mint Maxim-Xs, both 1985 750s. You can just see the second one poking out from behind the first in this picture.

Hans has had the pleasure of riding a Maxim-X since 1995 and after a little more than a decade he decided it was time to own a fleet of them so he bought #2.

I don't know if he plans to buy another one, but whether or not he does, he sure has the right idea.
Phil Tanguay
New Brunswick, CAN

This is Phil's second 1985 750 Maxim-X. As Phil says, selling the first one "broke my heart!" so he vowed to buy another one. He was treated to a second bight of the apple when he found this beauty in Southern Quebec in 1997.

His "baby" (coincidentally what I call my own Maxim-X), has some interestnig features like after-market pipes, a removable windshield, a non-standard back rest, a non-black engine finish and one I particularly like - chrome blinders on all his flashers.

Phil shares the sentiments of other Maxim-X owners when he says "I'll never part with this one". Is it any surprise?
Greg Clausen
Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN

After intensive searching, Greg scored this beautiful 1986 XJ750XS which he was lucky enough to buy with only 28000km on the odometer and for a mere CAD $2600 after some skillful haggling.

In his words, "To me this bike embodies everything a motorbike should be - it's hot, fast, smooth, rare... and handles great". As Greg has noticed, the X shares the same power to weight ratio as the VMax which always shocks the uninformed into colourful exclamations like "Holy %&#@, that thing's FAST. What did you do to it?"

No one has ever said it better: "Any bike can put a smile on your face but the Maxim-X can give you full wood". Perfect.
Manolis Gialousis
Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Mano is "a very proud owner of a 1986 XJ750XS". He's the original owner since 1989 when he bought it from a dealership for a staggering CAD$5806.19.

He could have paid less but asked the dealership to install engine guards and the coveted backrest (wise choice). Even without those additions, however, the price would have been high but Mano insists it was "Worth every penny". He commented that when he saw the 'Sparkle Maroon' X, he "fell in love & just had to have it".

Women be warned !!!  After some extended down-time for his X, Mano had this to say: "My wife tried to make me sell her [the X] but I got rid of her [the wife] instead, LOL".

I'm afraid there is no cure for his condition :).
Michael Becevel
Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

Pictured are two of Mike's three 1986 XJ750XS Maxim-Xs. He bought the first X (green) in 1988 when it was "just a pup" with only 5000km on the odometer. Since then he's done a lot to restore it and has made some interesting modifications like the lowered seat and buffed aluminum. The unique candied, metallic green colour was inspired by a glittering fishing lure that Mike noticed while rummaging around his boat. It's the first green Maxim-X I've ever seen and I have to say that the colour is captivating.

In 2007 Mike resurrected his second X (gold) - another awesome colour choice. Have a close look at what he did with the gas tank too.

Mike later also picked up a visually "pristine" 3rd X with a blown engine. He plans to rebuild it too, so it's convenient that he has a spare 750X engine for parts. Nice fleet Mike!
Ken Speichts
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CAN

Ken called this 1985 XJ750XN Maxim-X his "winter project" which just has me wondering what he rides in the winter.

He's brief and to the point when he says his X is "way cool".

He's made some changes so it isn't quite stock. Personally, what I like best is the subtle addition of black and red colours to the model name on the grab rails and the intake covers. Subtle, yet effective.
Tyler Rowe
Union, Ontario, CAN

Tyler magically scored this customized 1985 XJ7?0XN Maxim-X for a song. He paid only $750. He's the 5th owner but still the bike had only 32000km on the odometer when he bought it.

Granted, there are some essentials missing from it but he's working on restoring it fully... and seems to be customizing it all as he does.
Stuart Cochran
Sarasota, Florida, USA

Stuart bought his "little gem" from the original owner in 2005 with 39000 miles on the odometer. Before the passing of a full year he had already put another 5000 miles on her, like a true rider.

He shares my sentiment that newer bikes just don't cut it.
Holley, New York, USA

In this picture, "Eggman" sits on his prized 1986 XJ700XS Maxim-X with his daughter, Luna. Judging by the smile on her face, I'd say Luna's going to be pressuring daddy to borrow the X in a little over a decade.

Despite its near perfect condition, Eggman paid only USD$1100 when he bought it from the original owner with only 17000 miles on the odometer. He's not alone when he says that his Maxim-X is "GOLD" compared to the Virago. In his words, "It's rare and amazing." and "Everyone who sees it just says, 'What the hell is that?' "

The X certainly is a head turner... even when it's standing still.
Herman Rens
Son en Breugel, Netherlands

In 1990 Herman bought this '86 XJ750XS Maxim-X but sold it only 3 years later with 13000km on the odometer. As fate would have it, in March of 2006, 13 years later, he bumped into the very guy he sold it to and bought it back. Although 13 years had elapsed, his X now only had 16000km on the odometer - still barely broken in. It's almost like the bike found it's way back to him.

It wasn't treated well in its absence so Herman has been working hard to restore his X to its full glory.
Roland "Weps"
The Netherlands

As you can see, Roland's not a fan of stock bikes. Under that custom seat, lower engine cowl and dual headlights, there really is a 1986 XJ700XS Maxim-X.

Roland bought his stock Maxim-X in 1996 with only ~12000 miles on the odometer. It was imported from the U.S. so it wasn't cheap, but that didn't keep him from customizing it to make it his own.

I know one or two people who are going to be interested in this one!
Unknown Owner #1

I can't recall where I found the pictures of this Maxim-X or who might have sent them to me. I don't even know whether this '86 Maxim-X is a 700cc or a 750cc model. It just looked so hot that I thought it might be worth posting.

It appears to be completely stock except for the colour, the tank artwork and a Yamaha sticker with emblem on the side of the radiator shroud but it still packs a visual punch.

Whoever this X belongs to... nice work... and let me know who you are .
Lew Gervais
Brevard, Florida, USA

Lew picked up his 1985 XJ700XN in 2003... but it didn't look like this. Although it ran fine with 53000 miles on the odometer, it "looked terrible". Apparently the previous owner didn't have quite as much respect for his X as the rest of us. Lew says, "I drove it like that for maybe a month, and then I couldn't stand it any longer".

After some work on the frame, tank and engine, and after a few fresh coats of paint on the sore spots, Lew's X was back in action. He's made some mods like the back rest and Dyna coils but his primary goal was to ride... and that's how he put 20000 more miles on in a little over 3 years.
Tyler Kope
Seattle, Washington, USA

It's hard to tell but, this really is a 1985 XJ700XN Maxim-X. Tyler customized this beauty from the ground up and the inside out and appropriately calls his new creation, Lead2Gold.

This is by far the most customized Maxim-X I've ever seen and still, Tyler wants to tinker some more. Maybe one day he'll send me some BEFORE pictures so we can see what he started with.
Rob Dutil
Winslow, Maine, USA

Rob wanted a Maxim-X ever since he was a kid and his 21-year dream finally came true in March of 2006. That's when he bought this 1986 XJ700XS Maxim-X, which he affectionately christened  Mr. Max.

He went far out of his way to get it and was a little disappointed at first. Sure, he got a great deal for a bike with only 17000 miles on the odometer (USD $1300), but it was really rough around the edges due to the PO's lack of care. That didn't thwart him though - with some hard work, Rob whipped his X back into shape. Now, inspired by TK's "Lead2Gold", Rob has more plans for his X.
Eric Scheck
Lansing, Michigan, USA

Eric is the proud owner of a 1985 XJ700XN Maxim-X which he liberated from the P.O. who just didn't ride it anymore. When he bought it, it only had 20500 miles on the odometer because the first owner put very little mileage on it. Apparently, "the original owner bought it new in '85, rode it for about a month then tipped it, scaring the bejeesus out of himself. He promptly parked the bike in his garage for the next 19 years". Only one pleasure-cruising owner later, Eric scooped this baby for himself.

Eric is committed to restoring this neglected gem. He's already finished some repairs and has been toying with other colours too, as you'll see in some of his pictures. It's bound to be one sweet ride when he's done.
Durham, UK

A fellow X owner spotted this unique Maxim-X Trike on eBay (Item #: 280029752662). I thought it would be fitting for it to appear here with the other X's so I contacted the seller and he gave me the OK to post his trike pictures here.

Ian appaerntly bought the unaltered X in 1998 and turned it into this trike himself the same year. No longer finding time to ride (???), he decided to sell.

I've gotta wonder what the massive rear end does to the imfamous "X-Factor"?
Al Russ
San Antonio, Texas, USA

This stunning creation is a 1985 XJ700XN Maxim-X. It's the result of a lot of hard work but judging by the outcome, Al would probably agree that it was entirely worth it.

The bike history is unknown to me except that it had been parked for nearly a year due to mechanical problems before Al decided it was time to attack it with a vengeance. In the photos on his web site you'll see that he tore it down almost completely and rebuilt or reconditioned nearly everything on the bike from the ground up... and that includes the awesome copper paint job you see here. Gotta love that colour! I think Al can probably say that he owns the only copper Maxim-X on the face of the planet earth. Way to go Al!

Fore more details about the rebuild, click the MORE PICS link above to visit Al's web site.
Roger Frost
Andersonville, Tennessee, USA

Roger bought his first Maxim-X straight out of the crate in 1986 then sold it four years later and "regretted it".

"After buying a sport bike and being miserably uncomfortable", Roger finally came to his senses. A year later in August of 2003 he bought a second Maxim-X, this 1985 XJ700XN, with only 6000 miles on the odometer. Now he's happy and has "comfort and power" in one rare bike that he enjoys.

Just goes to show ya... sport bikes are just a step up the ladder on the way to a real bike. Welcome back, Roger .
Wayne Schubert
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Wayne liberated this 1985 XJ700XN Maxim-X from its previous owner, a guy with very little respect for bikes, in July 2006. The guy owned it for less than a year and had ridden it only 3 times and yet, in that short time, the bike was down at least twice. Not cool.

Even with the minimal damage, Wayne got himself a pretty good deal. It was apparently pretty clean & mechanically solid, and with only 15000 miles on the odometer he was able to pick it up for only USD $1500. Not bad.

In Wayne's words... "This bike is awsome. I had no idea it would run the way it does...". It looks like this X has a good home now.
Jim Cullen
Connecticut, USA

Jim found Maxi, his 1986 XJ700X Maxim-X, in 2003 with only 12000 miles on the odometer. At the time, it wasn't quite as nice as it is now though, "it was in sad cosmetic shape".

Jim bought new seat and backrest covers and his brother painted it candy burgandy over a silver metal flake with painted gold pinstripes... but that isn't what truly makes this X special. Jim spent USD $1000 getting things chromed. He fixed up some standards like the downpipes and exhaust collars but if you look really closely, you'll see that even the backrest, the grab rails and the front fender mount bracket have been chromed over the stock aluminum. I imagine the picture doesn't quite do the chrome work justice. What a fantastic idea.
Les Currie
Young, Saskatchewan, CAN

Les bought his 1985 XJ750XN Maxim-X in the sping of 2006.

Despite some necessary work, Les can say "A few of my buddies ride Harley's. They are impressed at how my 750 can blow them away!!!  So am I.".

Obviously Les knows something about the X-Factor. Wait 'til he gets his X tuned to perfection .
Scott Bush
Williamsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Scott bought this 1985 XJ700XN Maxim-X from a dealer in 2005, apparently for a song because he didn't even know if it ran. After about USD$1500 in critical parts, a nice paint job and some love & attention, this beauty was back in action.

Scott seems to enjoy his X because he managed to put about 10000 miles on the odometer in the first two years he owned it. In his words, "It is very dependable and as we all know, if ya wanna go, just twist the grip and hang on!!!!" No surprise there.
Ed Steenkamp
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Ed bought this fully stock 1986 XJ700XS Maxim-X in early November 2006 after pining for one for many years.

He has plans to modify it somewhat, but hasn't really decided how yet. Perhaps we'll see some updated pictures after he's had some more time with his new ride.
Thimo Heinz
Siegen, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Thimo bought "Maxi", his 1985 XJ750XN Maxim-X, sometime in 2006 with 26000km on the odometer. Because he received the bike in parts, it only cost him 400€ (about USD$535) - a good price but it also meant he had to assemble it himself. He was missing some critical parts but managed to rebuild it to the custom X you see here.

Thimo still has plans for this X but we'll have to wait to see what they are.
Ray "Woody" Woods

Woody was lucky to find this 1986 XJ700XS Maxim-X sometime in 2001 with an incredible 2500 miles on the odometer. Imagine that - the previous owner(s) only rode the bike an average of 167 miles per year. It almost sounds as if the bike went out for a single token ride every year. What a waste. Well, now the bike is in better hands, I'm sure.

Woody owns several other motorcycles so, for a while, the X blended in between a V-Max, a BMW tourer and two Venture Royales, but now Woody seems to have the XJ urge we all have.

Closer scrutiny should reveal some minor customizations... but apparently, he's not finished customizing yet.
Eric Uhlig
Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Eric didn't really give me much to work with for a commentary. For now, all I know is that this is a picture of his 1985 XJ750XN Maxim-X.

As you can see in the adjacent picture, Eric's X has been converted to carry a set of GIVI hard saddle bags. I have to agree with Eric when he comments that they're very practical.... but I certainly hope they're removable to expose the sleak profile of this awesome cruiser from time to time.
Thomas Carr
Garfield, Arkansas, USA

This is Thomas' 1986 XJ700XS Maxim-X (bluntly named "Mrs. X") which he practically stole from a preacher for only USD $900. His penance came only two weeks later in the form of a wrecked bike. At that point it truly became an "eX"

All kidding aside, his bike is back on the road and the restoration project is well under way. In the process, Thomas' X has taken on a whole new look. He chose a black with pearl colour that's shown in one of his pictures and blacked out other parts of the bike. Maybe when he finishes, we'll see some more pictures here.
Derek Robinson
Costa Mesa, California, USA

Derek bought this 1985 XJ700XN Maxim-X in the fall of 2006 and named her "Laverne".

He hasn't had much else to say about his new ride but he's actively working on some repairs so we may hear more later.

Hmmm? I wonder whether this picture was staged. I certainly hope there isn't any subtle symbolism in there somewhere.

Chuck Fuhrman
New Oxford, Pennsylvania, USA

Chuck bought this 1986 XJ700XS Maxim-X in the spring of 2006 from a co-worker for only USD $700. The bike had only 9300 miles on the odometer and had been parked indoors, in the previous owner's basement, of all places.

I imagine it must have been pretty rough around the edges to begin with because Chuck treated it to a custom paint job and started polishing like a mad man. It's not obvious in this small picture but the remaining pictures clearly show most of the aluminum buffed to a near-chrome finish.

Nice work, Chuck!
You can come do mine next.

Jimmy Artis
Texarkana, Arkansas, USA

This is a picture of Jimmy aboard "Xan", his 1985 XJ700XN Maxim-X.

Xan is currently in need of some TLC but Jimmy's on it. He already has a replacement for his dented gas tank and has plans to paint this X a deep scarlet. I'm sure there will be more pictures to come when the restoration is complete.

Henning Jørgensen

This is a 1985 XJ750XN Maxim-X. Henning bought this sturdy machine in 2007 with a mature 50000km on the odometer.

Apparently, this bike took the long way around with stops in multiple countries before being imported to Denmark. True to form, Henning had to do very little to it before it was road-worthy.

He shares my sentiments when he says, "the Maxim[-X] is the best bike I have ever owned. One thing is for sure, my bike won't change owner". What can I say? It seems to have that effect on people .
Tony Bender
Waterloo, Ontario, CAN

In April 2008, Tony became the 3rd owner of this 1985 XJ750XN Maxim-X. He bought it in apparently immaculate condition with a respectable 43400km on the odometer. As luck would have it, the P.O. was unable to get a smooth idle out of it (hehehe) and had a NEW set of carbs installed but eventually replaced the bike. Could Tony have been any luckier?

Like so many of us, Tony had never heard of a Maxim-X before but became intrigued when he stumbled onto the Maximum Maxim-X web site and soon after found himself buying one.

With only a few miles under his belt, Tony already has this to say: "...I sat on it and knew it was perfect...", "I LOVE this bike... She's a keeper".

Blair Fay
Fredericton, New Brunswick, CAN

In his own words, Blair is the "proud owner" of this 1985 XJ750XN Maxim-X which he bought in September 2007 with a respectable 66000km on the odometer.

At least two owners before him have obviously made some minor modifications to the standard X look (paint, pipes, pegs), but it's essentially the same machine we all know and love. Still, I can't help but wonder whether Blair will ever feel the full effect of the "X-Factor" with those after-market mufflers. Only time will tell.

How does he feel about his new acquisition? "you guys aren't exaggerating when you refer to how great it is... it's by far the most thrilling cruiser I've ever ridden". I'm gonna go out on limb and say he likes it.
Chris Sirett
Orillia, Ontario, CAN

Chris is one of the luckiest b@$#@%&$ alive.

On his way to buy an old Honda, he happened to pass a bike for sale which he initially thought to be a Virago. The owner was sadly too old to ride anymore and offered Chris this mint condition 1986 XJ750XS Maxim-X with 42000km on the odometer for CAD $3000 safetied. When Chris mentioned he already had a $200 deposit on a Honda, the guy dropped the price by $500. But with only $2250 in his pocket he had to say he came up short... but the seller was happy to take what Chris was carrying. Even with the lost deposit, Chris scored this X-quisite, all stock machine for only CAD $2450.

When you see the rest of his pictures and the condition of the bike, you'll wish you had stumbled across it yourself.
Lone G. Madsen

This is a picture of Lone and her 1985 XJ750XN Maxim-X. The bike was imported from Canada to Germany in 1988 and had already had three previous owners at the time. It finally found a permanent home with Lone in Denmark near the beginning of 2007.

Lone "fell in love" with her new X right away. "The way it drives, handles and looks was exactly what Lone was looking for".

And speaking of the way it looks... that's a great colour - a truly captivating shade of blue. But you know women - always changing things. Her X is now cameleon varnish on white & red with new pegs, flashers and taillight. All 3 stages appear in the following pictures.
Chris Baril
Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Chris really wanted this customized 1985 XJ750XN Maxim-X so he happily paid too much for it. Having never had a bike before, he shelled out a hefty CAD$4400 for it in May 2008 with 44000km on the odometer.

Chris commented that the previous owner took good care of his X and made all the mods you see before ever selling it (ex.forward controls, grips, pegs, mufflers, stainless steel cables, custom paint, custom seat, flashers, horns). Apparently there are also several Canadian coins worked into the bike somehow because it took every last coin to finish the work. With all the changes, the P.O. inadvertently erased nearly all traces that would identify this as an '85 model. Find the evidence if you can .

Chris has only just begun to ride but in only 2 short months he's added more than 8000km to his X. He has both trips and more modifications planned already. Go nuts, Chris.
Jon Film
Albany, New York, USA

In November 2006, Jon bought this 1986 XJ700XS Maxim-X with 20,800 miles on the odometer He didn't divulged the purchase price but considering the condition, it hardly matters.

Jon can't lay claim to creating what you see here. Apparently the bike didn't need much work and already had that vibrant red paint job when he bought it.

In the past years, Jon managed to put a fair number of miles on his X (as it should be) but he also had the misfortune of... um... spending some unwanted time horizontally. I imagine the bike might not look quite the same anymore but Jon is determined to restore it back to life. Use these pictures as your goal Jon - it's one fantastic looking X.

Good luck with the restoration.
Misael Martinez
Othello, Washington, USA

Misael was given this 1985 XJ700XS Maxim-X as a parts bike. It was in rough shape indeed, but Misael was determined to resurrect it from the grave.

One year of hard work produced the bike in this and the following pictures - a remarkable transformation. If you ask me, Misael deserves praise for bringing this Maxim-X back to life. That's one more for the global fleet.

In Misael's words, "This bike is awesome!" - a typical sentiment shared by many X owners.
Matthew Swiatek
London, Ontario, CAN

Matthew apparently bought this 1985 XJ750XN Maxim-X in "sad shape" but did so for less than CAD $1100 with only 33000km on the odometer. Sad shape or not, that's a respectable price considering it was reportedly in excellent mechanical condition.

Matthew's main concern was the cosmetic damage but it wasn't anything he couldn't handle. Repairs to dings and dents, a fresh coat of paint, and a new leather seat have brought it to the stage pictured here... with promises of more to come.

Meanwhile, Matthew has only this to say about his recent acquisition: "One of the best decisions I've ever made! Superb ride... and fast!"
Shawn Welsh
Mississauga, Ontario, CAN

My buddy Shawn bought this '85 XJ750XN in Aug 2011 for CAD $3350 with only 17500km on it. He commited himself to buying an X after a single ride on mine, after which he "fell in love". When we found this one, it looked great, the engine and transmission were tight, the exhaust system was stock and near-perfect and it was cosmetically good. It was a good price considering the mileage and overall condition.... and then the pain started!

We had to ride this thing 200km in the pouring rain - an educational experience. I'm sure you X owners are familiar with the sputterring, stalling 8¼hr stammering struggle to get home - what a nightmare! But we dragged it back and whipped it into shape - first thing to go - the problematic stock coils .

Shawn has since spent almost $1500 on upgrades making his X nearly mint. He's constantly surprised by its get-up-n-go and likes to call it "a little rocket!" It has since been christened "MoonshineX" Don't ask! And don't push him - he's liable to show you why he parted with his GSXR .
Gerhard Jensen
Hamburg, Germany

Gerhard sent me an e-mail with pictures of his 1986 XJ700XS Maxim-X which he bought in January of 2009. He made no mention of the model year, the cost or the odometer reading but commented that the bike "was in very bad condition". From the pictures it's clear that several things have been replaced making identification tricky but it has an '86 fuel tank, an '86 right engine cover, '86 foot pegs and an '86 front fender.... so I'm pretty sure it's a 1986 model. Regardless, his X looks quite good now. In Gerhard's words, "now it looks like a bike".

Maybe one day Gerhard will reveal what happened in the history of this X. It would be interesting to see a few BEFORE and AFTER pictures!
Mike Warren
Somerset, United Kingdom

Mike bought his 1985 XJ700XN on eBay for £900 (~CAD $1500) in May 2011 with only 17500miles on the odometer. Records showed it had moved only 2000miles in 9yrs - just about 225miles/yr. There can be no argument that it previously had the wrong owner(s).

Mike had never seen a Maxim-X before and hasn't seen one since so the X has really made an impression on him. In his words, "the X is my favorite - it has everything - the looks, the power, sounds great when you wind it up and is oh so much fun to rant around the streets on. Love it.".

Like so many other X owners, Mike is smitten. Have a look at the pictures - can you blame him? His final words say it all... "Won't be selling.". You and me both, Mike .
Allan Larsen
Horsens, Denmark

Allan bought his 1986 XJ700XS in April 2011. Unlike so many X's, this one actually had some respectable miles on the odometer, 35000 by Allan's account. That still averages to only 1400 miles per year but maybe Allan will change that.

As a passenger he loved the bike and ended up buying it as an inducement to get his motorcycle license... which he now has (as of mid 2011).

Allan calls this his "old rocket" and says "I really love the look and sound of it". Is anyone surpised to hear that? I know I'm not.

Although his X looks pretty darn good to me, Allan apparently has plans to give it a new paint job. With any luck he'll send pictures to add to those I've already posted.
Steven Cole
Kennewick, Washington, USA

This is Steve's 1985 XJ700XN Maxim-X... a bike that's captivated him for a long time. In his words, "I... loved the X since I first test rode a new XJ700XN back in 1985". Apparently, he got the itch back then and was finally able to scratch it in the summer of 2012 when he bought one of his own for $1900.

Steve had the good fortune of finding an X that was "strong running and fairly clean" with only 9000-ish miles on the odometer. With some replacing of parts, polishing, cleaning and painting, he turned this formerly deep scarlet X into the restored black & metallic blue pearl X you see before you. He even swapped the original gold tank badges with silver ones... although how he was able to find them is beyond me.

I'm guessing Steve will own this X for a very long time.
Atilio Agostino
Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is Atilio's 1985 XJ700XNC Maxim-X...

Yes, it's apparently a California model with the oft talked about fuel evaporation cannister behind the right side cover. I have yet to see one in real life.

Atilio mentioned that he has owned his Maxim-X since about 2013 or 2014 (4 years in mid-2017) and that the Maximum Maxim-X web site was a great source of information for the restoration. Well, good... because that was the whole point in my creating this resource years ago.

He's clearly gone for that "Dark Knight" look without going overboard and dechroming the whole darn thing (like some of us have seen before).

Seriously Atilio, a Hardly Davidson helmet on an X? That must be some sort of heresy or something.